Finding the Best Learn to Sing Software

With all of the current talent reality TV shows many people have gained new found interest in singing and learning to sing. Now, computers and the Internet, allow you to find learn to sing software so that you can teach yourself to sing at home.

Some popular brands of learn to sing software include Sing-O-Rama, Singing is Easy, Pure Pitch Method and Canta 1.9.3. Sing-O-Rama is the most professional software available on the Internet. The Sing-O-Rama software includes 28 lessons in an audio format. It also includes other software features like a computer piano, recording software, pitch training software and much more. Since it is one of the best programs you can find, it is a bit pricier at around $99. This cost is far less than you would pay a singing instructor for private lessons.

“Singing is Easy” learn to sing software is less expensive than Sing-O-Rama. This informative software is great for beginners or children who wish to learn to sing for fun rather than professionally. Singing is Easy teaches you all the fundamentals of singing at only a cost of $24.99.

The Pure Pitch Method is a at more specialized learn to sing software. It teaches you to recognize pitch and then repeat that pitch on your own. If you dream of being a professional singer you need to learn about pitch. It is rather expensive at around $100.

Canta 1.9.3 is learn to sing software that you can download for free online. It will show you the tune and pitch of your voice as you sing the words. This way you can see if you need to make any adjustments to your voice to sing correctly.

You can find these learn to sing software online by searching on Yahoo or other search engine. When you do a search you will come up with all sorts of choices. When choosing, you should keep in mind what your ultimate goal with singing is. Are you looking to sing for fun or do you wish to make a career out of it. If its for fun I would recommend choosing one of the programs that you can download for free or for a low fee. However, if you are looking to pursue singing professionally, then you should look into more professional learn to sing software like Sing-O-Rama.

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5 Reasons Why Social Medias Are Crucial for Your Business

Social medias are on top of the most influencing and indispensable medias today. Even if you are just starting your business and you are still an absolute beginner, you should have heard everyone talking about their importance. But why, regardless the type of your business, you also should seriously consider putting your brand on the SM sphere?

1- Gainning a maximum exposure:

Most recent statistics shows that average Internet users spend around five hours daily on sites like Facebook! That’s your target clients base who is there standing waiting for you to approach them. Ensuring maximum social media presence will guarantees you meet your potential clients in the place where they prefer being virtually.

2- Spreading the word, virally:

The most powerful element of all social medias is their viral structure, elements (picture, article, video…) you submit to any social media will spread through it when your fans/friends/followres will share it and pass it on to their fans/friends/followers. This caracterestic of social medias will enable you to spread the word about your business in an exponential way while doing the minimum effort.

Note: The viral aspect won’t work for itself, you need to make sure that what you share has a good perceived value otherwise no one will share it.

3- Optimizing your branding:

Having a good social media presence will enable you to create a more humain face for your brand. It’s easier to communicate the values of your brands when the connection you have with your market is humain and social and not purely professional and commercial. People don’t buy what you sell but who you are and what you represents for them! Use the social medias to tell them who you are and make them inspired.

4- Generating high quality traffic, on demand:

Having a huge friends/fans/followers base make it easy for you to generate high quality traffic and on demand.

– High quality traffic:

People won’t follow, connect, or fan of your business unless they consider what you do and what you sell interesting. The most part of your social media base is comprised of people who are ready to buy from you, they are potential leads! People that are interested on your products or/and likes your brand inspirations are high quality leads!

– On demand traffic:

How would you do to generate traffic to your business? How can make noise about a promotion you have? Without social media, you will probably need to invest on a pay per click compaign to bring that traffic, or may be you will consider placing some banners on websites that has your target as audience… And you will need to do it each time you want some traffic to your website!!

Growing a big and solid social media audience (friends, followers, fans…) will give the great opportunity to make traffic whenever you want. You just need to tell them what you have got for them in a an attractive way. And this is as simple as sending a tweet, a message on Facebook, or a newsletter…

Note: I suppose here that you already have a big social media audience. Saying that bringing traffic is easy doesn’t mean that building this base is also easy!

5- Improving your quality, now you can:

Having a big community (friends, followers, subscriber, fans…) gives you the possibility to gather feedbacks and reviews about your business. This very valuable information is crucial in order for you to understand more your clients and work effectively to deliver to them the quality they expect and deserve.

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Shift Your Innovation Game Through Mobile And Social

Have you done a shift on your innovation game this 2013? Don’t let the world leave you behind. There is one area that could be an added catalyst to your efforts. Patrick Meyer, a mobile innovations expert, introduces Business 3.0, which includes innovating through mobile, social, and e-tail.

The world is shifting everywhere, and it is time to shift the game this year 2013. Looking at recent successes, many companies (including start-ups that are becoming million to billion-dollar ventures) are coming out of mobile-led innovation. This is a part of an area which can be an added catalyst in shifting the game. The CEO Futurist and mobile innovations expert, Patrick Meyer, called this area as Business 3.0, which includes innovating through mobile, social, and e-tail (mobile-driven retail and e-commerce/m-commerce). 2.0, as a comparison, would be the world of web browsers, the Internet, websites, search engines, banner ads, Microsoft, and the big legacy systems.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming prominent in this era. The 3G/4G capabilities of these devices give transformative tools to innovate with. Thus, smart innovators can clearly see fresh solutions, which can be applied to lifestyles and work styles, coming from the added dimension the mobile can give: in the occasion, in your hand, in a socially sharable, ready to do or pay with one touch. All of these are linked to cloud-based content and data attribution, making mobile more than just a tool or media channel.

Patrick Meyer gave a closing keynote to a thousand energized members at a recent Direct Marketing Conference, focusing on Mobile 2013. In this conference, he illustrated the dynamic shifts occurring in today’s world, such as the smartphone penetration being currently at 60% in the USA; mobile being a major driver of more than a third of social media; 75% of shoppers using smart phones before, during, and after store visits; and many more. After the illustration, he also shared 5 Mobile Drivers for innovation in 2013 and beyond. These are the following:

1. Be Steve Jobs: This means defining the world emerging for business by looking into the future trends and emerging insights, then building a mobile/social road map (typical of Steve Jobs) that feeds the planning in order to innovate and drive against.

2. WOW UX! (User Experience): Think of iPhone and now Samsung Galaxy, both are packed with extraordinarily designed and conceived user experiences, which result to the surprise and delight of the users. This is the secret behind mobile. Creating the “WOW!” experience is the first step, then followed by taking mobile further and using it to reinvent total brand experience and business model.

3. Mobile and Social Fusion: Mobile drives social, and vice versa. This is the reason why Facebook is “going to become a mobile-led company”, as announced by Mark Zuckerberg this past Fall, and comes up with an enhanced mobile offering for users and advertisers. Then this January, their handheld usage passed online, and Facebook’s market performance has turned around. While people are still trying to understand the world of social, it is rapidly shifting with mobile innovation. Thus, fuse the two together while innovating, since every device led solution rockets when coupled with built-in social sharing functions.

4. E.A.T. (Engagement & Activation Technology): 99% of smartphones are capable of NFC. Near Field Communication readers in these devices interacts with RFID chips in media, retail, and products. This capability “brings things to life” with a simple tap. With just one tap, users can get a video, an app, or share with friends, get a coupon or buy. At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the NFC feature is one of the standout innovations, in which it enables smartphones and tablets to connect to TV’s, mini-speakers, headphones, home systems, and other devices with a simple tap. It is also predicted that the levels of the NFC adoption in the USA will head towards 40% of smartphones.

5. Big Data: Lastly, all the smartphones interactions and usage are throwing off “big data” like a fire hose 100 times anything marketers had had to date. So smart platforms collect and harness the data to improve and enhance follow-up brand experiences while driving greater sales. This is another opportunity to harness in new ideas and solutions.

Patrick Meyer’s Mobile 2013 keynote can be viewed at PatrickTV — capsulized down to a 14-minute video, complete with innovation demos and related insights. And remember: “Time to Shift Your 2013 Game” — build Mobile, Social and E-tail into innovation thinking.

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Are You Sure You Want to Be a Video Game Tester?

With the recent economic downturn, one might think that people would be spending less money on non-necessities such as video games. In reality, it appears that the reverse is true – video game purchases are being seen as very cost-effective leisure activities. Rather than spending money to go out to dinner or see a movie, events which are over in a couple of hours and have no lasting value, budget-conscious families are investing in items which offer a more long-term entertainment appeal, and video games fit the bill perfectly.

So with this unexpected growth in demand, game testers are needed more than ever before! However, if you’re searching for a way to earn easy money or to get rich quick, you should definitely look elsewhere; video game testing can be a tedious job, requiring hours of playing, analyzing, and documenting errors, bugs, or other unexpected outcomes. There can be a lot of paperwork involved, and good communication skills are a must, in order to successfully explain how to recreate situations or correct problems that are encountered.

In addition, the web sites you’ve probably seen advertising game testing jobs at $120/hour and up are absolutely false. Entry-level game testers can expect to earn in the neighborhood of $10 to $15 per hour, with more experienced positions offering up to $50-$80/hour.

Companies in the gaming industry operate in an extremely competitive environment, and their long-term success and profitability depends on their games coming out on schedule. Therefore, game testers can’t just work when the mood strikes them – there are timetables and deadlines that must be met, even if the tester works from the comfort of his own home.

Finally, you can’t land a job as a video game tester simply by answering an ad on Craigslist or in your local newspaper. Many game testing jobs are only obtained by approaching game publishing companies directly. This requires a level of professionalism and self-confidence, in addition to any experience and expertise you’ve acquired through your hours of game playing.

So, are you up to the challenge of a serious video game testing job? If you are mature enough to realize that it won’t be all fun and games, you might just have what it takes to be a successful video game tester.

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